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The Most Popular School Assembly Ideas

I’ve been an assembly presenter for over 25 years. So I understand that PTA, PTO, school Principals, and school Office Managers often want suggestions for assemblies that are age appropriate and worth the time away from the classroom. Naturally, the value can be a matter of opinion. Also, the popularity can vary depending on the part of the country. Therefore, in this blog post I will list our most scheduled assembly program topics as well as a few additional themes you might find of interest. These are appropriate for K-6.

  1. Bully prevention assembly (defining and dealing with bullies)

  2. Kindness school assembly (a little more positive approach to improve school climate and culture)

  3. Character building program (responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, etc.)

  4. Making good choices assembly (behavior, respect, etc.)

  5. SEL school assembly show (social-emotional learning)

  6. Growth mindset assembly (setting goals, perseverance, test preparation, etc.)

  7. Musical performance assembly (either a specific genre or multi-cultural)

  8. Recycling/environmental assembly (good for Earth Day)

  9. Science assembly program (this can be a broad overview or on a specific topic such as water)

There are many other popular assembly topics and genres offered by other assembly companies for which you can search on the Internet. These include BMX bicycle, Black history, laser shows, dance, animals, fitness, saying-no-to-drugs, cultural music/dance, storytelling and magic. However, remember, when looking for assembly presenters, make sure to choose experienced professionals who are skilled at keeping young audiences engaged and attentive.

Perhaps I am biased, but over the years, I have observed that an outstanding assembly can truly inspire and motivate students.

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