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"Bye Bye Bully"


“Bye, Bye, Bully” is an anti-bully elementary school assembly program available to perform at schools in California. During the live show, presenter, Obediah Thomas, enacts the different types of bullies and bullying situations. He demonstrates how we each play a role in these situations. Most importantly, Obediah suggests positive mindsets and strategies that a young person might use to deal with a bullying situation. Cyberbullying is also addressed in the older student version. 

Obediah has acquired many teaching techniques since he began performing assemblies in 1999. He uses humor, music, and plenty of audience participation to engage the audience, and he uses all learning modalities during his captivating assembly presentations. He offers separate versions for grades K-3 and 4-6. Obediah can also present this program appropriately at K-8 schools.

Topics Addressed:

  • What a bully might say

  • What a bully might do

  • How to keep from being bullied

  • What you can do if you are bullied

  • How to help someone being bullied

  • What makes a good friend


Alissa Hill, 6th grade teacher
Armstrong Elem., Diamond Bar

"I felt it was realistic and touched on topics my older students experience."

Ms. Katie 3rd grade teacher
John L Golden Elem., Etiwanda

"I loved it! It was fast-paced, entertaining, and most of all, perfect for bullying prevention."

Schedule An Assembly:

Schedule an Assembly:

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