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Songs and Lyrics

Catchy, age-appropriate songs are performed as an important medium in all of our live assembly shows. Award winning songwriter, Mark Beckwith, wrote most of the Shows That Teach original songs. Mark has three song albums (with individual songs) available for sale on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. And like the songs in the shows, all of these fun songs have an educational message.

Song Albums

The Amazing Journey of Water

(ideal for ages 5-10) by The Earthworms

I Love Water, Waterology, The Journey of Fresh Water, Use A Little Less Water, The Cycles of Water (Jazz mix), I Need a Glass of Water, Solid, Liquid, or Gas, Ballad of the Aquifer, Turn it Off!, Aqua Girl, Start a Wave, Hazardous Waste Roundup, Stormdrain, Water Cycle (Rock mix), The Water’s Running


Singin’ Green

(ideal for ages 5-10) by The Earthworms

Good Planets are Hard to Find, Reduce Like a Moose, Bottle Plastic, I Love Water, My Beautiful Planet, I am a Worm, Bring Your Own Bag, My Favorite Color is Green, That Can Has Worth, Solid, Liquid, or Gas, I Need a Glass of Water, The Water’s Running, Water Cycle, Alaskan Shore, Heroes of the Future



(ideal for ages 3-7) by Mark & Puey

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (and Tail), Singing About the ABCs, Hello, Dad’s Ride to School, Monkey’s Playing Everywhere, Making Our Garden Grow, Toucans in Papaya Tree, Pots and Pans, Everybody Freeze, Days of the Week, I’m So Hungry, Clean Up Time, How I Wonder, I Love You Infinity

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