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"All That Trash"


“All That Trash” is a musical production for K-6 grades. The show demonstrates to students not only how to reduce, reuse and recycle but WHY. Our two expert performers deliver this message in an extremely fun and engaging way, using original songs, comedy, and audience participation. We consulted with recycling center engineers throughout southern California when writing this show. We believe that one of the best ways to teach science to students is to explore the environmental impact of normal human activities. This fun presentation aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) such as addressing the value of Earth’s natural resources and ecosystems.

Topics Addressed:

  • The value of natural resources

  • Reducing, reusing & recycling

  • Properly separating trash

  • Hazardous and Electronic waste

  • River and beach pollution


Melissa Inglis, 2nd grade teacher
Mar Vista Elem., Oxnard

"The assembly was informative and engaging! The students had a blast learning about recycling and reducing waste."

Ms. Brown, 1st grade teacherM
ariana Academy, Apple Valley

"What catchy songs. My students were engaged every minute."

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Mark and Obediah are elementary school assembly presenters.

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