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Video Assembly Programs

Shows That Teach offers both in-person assemblies and captivating video school assembly programs. There are three advantages to video assemblies:

1. Video assemblies cost only $300 per school.
2. Any K-6 school in the U.S. and Canada can book these.
3. Video school assembly programs can be played on your school’s schedule.

We offer six different video assembly programs: 
KINDNESS  (inclusion, empathy, bully prevention)
GROWTH MINDSET  (goal setting, test preparation, perseverance) 
SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING  (behavior management, PBIS, CASEL, social skills)
RECYCLING  (environment, waste reduction, respect for natural resources)
WATER SCIENCE  (water cycle, states of water, water conservation)
BULLY PREVENTION  (types of bullies, dealing with bullies, cyberbullying)


Getting started is as simple as this …

1. Choose your topic.
2. Email us a purchase order.
3. We will send you a link to play your video assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Assemblies:

  • How long are the video assemblies?  30-35 minutes.

  • What is the price for multiple schools for an entire school district?  Contact us for a special price quote. However, the price for one school is $300.

  • Do the video school assembly programs consist of live footage or studio footage?  Most of our video programs contain content produced in our studio, but some programs also include a few clips taped at a live assembly presentation.

  • When can we start watching our video assembly?  We will send you a link 2-3 days after we receive your purchase order. You may then begin playing the video as soon as you wish.

  • May we give the streaming link to our teachers to play in their classrooms?  Yes.

  • May we give the link to other schools?  No.

  • How long do we have to play the video?  Until June 30th.

  • May we play the video assembly more than once?  You may play it as many times as you wish, until June 30th. 

  • May we request a refund if we do not like the video assembly?  Yes. We are so confident that your teachers and students will like our video assemblies, we will offer a full refund if you do not believe it had value. 

  • How many different programs do you offer?  We offer six different video assembly programs and 12 different in-person programs.


Schedule an Assembly:

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