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"Crazy Bottles & Cans Show"


“The Crazy Bottles & Cans Show” is a school assembly about recycling bottles and cans. This interactive show uses original songs, humor, and competitions to give K-6 students entertaining lessons about why it is important to recycle. Our performer takes students and teachers on a journey, starting with raw materials, through manufacturing, to consumer use, to consumer recycling, to shipping the materials to be used in manufacturing again. Seeing this journey makes this easy for the students to understand and underscores why it is critical that we not waste Earth’s natural resources.

Topics Addressed:

  • Reducing, reusing & recycling

  • CRV

  • The value of natural resources

  • Materials used for common products

  • Landfills


Mitch Colapinto, 3rd grade teacher
Truman Benedict Elem, San Clemente


Jeannie Hernandez, 2nd grade teacher
Ansgar Larsen Elem., Oxnard

"The presentation was engaging and highly entertaining. Expertly done!"

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