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"Say Yes To Success"


“Say YES to Success!” is a fun, growth mindset and goal-setting K-6 school assembly that addresses the strategies which lead to success in school and in life. As one of the best motivational assemblies in southern California, this program is an ideal way to kick off the school year. It also aligns well with Red Ribbon Week or standardized test preparation. This elementary school assembly program is presented by the popular Razzle Bam Boom duo. Mark & Obediah have performed thousands of school assemblies since 1999. During the show, they use the important success-related terms “Goals, Retrying, Excellence, Attention, and Training”, which spells the acronym “G.R.E.A.T.”.

Students will leave this presentation with a new sense of motivation to work and try their best in class. Following the assembly show, students will be in a good frame of mind to set academic goals with their teachers and/or review specific test preparation strategies.

Topics Addressed:

  • Growth mindset

  • Setting goals

  • Perseverance

  • Doing one's best

  • Focus

  • Practicing


Crystal Colbert, kindergarten grade teacher
Kingsbury Elem., Redlands

"I have never seen my kinder class sit so engaged for so long."

Ms. Christine, Principal
John L Golden Elem., Etiwanda

"This might be one of my very favorites of all time. The skits were tight and right on target. The humor was PERFECTLY aimed at the age of the audience. The concepts were terrific!"

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Mark and Obediah are elementary school assembly presenters.

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