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"Stop, Think, Act"


In the interactive show, “Stop, Think, Act”, master assembly presenter, Obediah Thomas, outlines various situations and emotions elementary aged students may experience. He acknowledges that emotions are natural, but that we can all manage our reactions and resulting behavior using certain strategies. Thoroughout the presentation, Obediah uses sketches involving audience members, songs, and humor to demonstrate social-emotional concepts.  This PBIS / SEL / CASEL elementary school show also promotes kindness and empathy.

Topics Addressed:

  • Emotions are natural

  • Anger, frustration, anxiety & sadness

  • Strategies to deal with unpleasant emotions

  • Empathy for others


Amy Crouse, 2nd grade teacher
Robert Hill Lane Elem., Monterey Park

"Obediah is an excellent and creative performer. He creates shows that meet the social and emotional needs of elementary school children. Obediah uses innovative techniques to engage students and to share the clear message of his assemblies."

Jamie Buster 5th grade teacherG
len Avon Elem., Riverside

"Mr. Thomas engaged the students completely! It is not often you see an assembly where students are asked to participate where the presenter doesn't need to regain control afterward. Mr. Thomas was able to maintain focus and attention throughout! There was not one moment when students lost control or were too rowdy, or any moments when students were disengaged and bored!"

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