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School Assembly Ideas

What are some elementary school assembly ideas?



Some elementary school principals have a morning assembly either in an auditorium or more commonly over the school intercom P.A. system for the students, in their classrooms. Those daily topics can be what’s on the lunch menu or an inspiring quote from an author. The following website gives some reasons why morning announcements by a school leader are important and can set the tone and motivation for the day. Incidentally, at the end of this article, I have more to say about principals setting the tone for the school.



I want to talk about a video series we worked hard producing during the 2019-2021 COVID pandemic. Our troupe of assembly performers had thousands of hours of experience performing live in front of K-6 students. We know how to capture attention, engage, and make everyone laugh, move, or sing. We used our superpowers to inspire, motivate, and set the tone on topics such as social-emotional learning, kindness, music appreciation, bully prevention, growth mindset, etc. This series of videos is called Start With Heart. These are 3-minute daily videos that teachers can play in their classrooms, that do what the principal’s daily pep talk does, but in an extremely fun way. However, our videos do not list what’s in the lunch that day. Ha!



If your school has the budget to bring in professional assembly speakers or performers as an enrichment program, this can be quite a memorable and impactful experience for your students. However, be certain to book professionals who have plenty of experience (with references). They must be able to engage your kiddos. An assembly may have a lot of content, but it is pointless if it

loses the attention of the students. These special assembly programs can be about topics such as the following …

No Bullying

Social-Emotional Learning

Being a Good Citizen of Planet Earth





Respecting Other Cultures


Math or Science


Character Counts

Black History Month

Standardized Testing Strategies


Growth Mindset


Goal Setting



School Pride

Stop, Think, Act

Red Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon



As promised, I am circling back to a principal’s attitude and relationship with their students and teachers. I hope I am not stepping on any toes, but after visiting hundreds of schools as an assembly presenter, I’m going to make a statement that I believe is true: The enthusiasm, humor, positivity, and attitude of a school principal filters down and affects the disposition and tone of the teachers and students. School districts should keep that in mind when choosing principals.

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