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How Do I Find A Free School Assembly?

School assemblies can be an exciting way to break the day-to-day routine at schools. Good school assembly programs can create a sense of community, motivation, and even raise spirits. And many (perhaps most) schools do not have a budget to book good professional presenters.

However, many communities offer schools free school assemblies. But how does one find good free assembly programs? Start by Googling the following:

  1. Local water agencies. Explore water district websites. For example, in California, water agencies are mandated to educate the public. Our company is contracted by seven different water agencies to offer schools engaging water education shows. Water agencies can be a department in a municipality or a district that serves an entire county.

  2. City public works departments. Some cities offer schools a recycling assembly. These programs also address a few Next Generation Science Standards. In California, CalRecycle offers municipalities grants to provide school student recycling education.

  3. Large healthcare providers, such as Kaiser Permanente, occasionally offer health-based programs for schools and even bully-prevention assemblies.

If you can not find a free elementary school or middle school assembly with the above research, you may have success another way. Start contacting large agencies and organizations, such as the above and just ask them if they offer schools free educational assemblies. We’ve actually been contacted by municipal agencies to provide a show after they were contracted by a school parent or principal.

However, be aware that some agencies simply send boring speakers to schools who lose the attention of the kids in about 5 minutes. I have seen a few doozies (eye roll). Ask if the free assembly provider has a video you may watch.

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