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Puey-the-Pigs Musical Show

A fun & enriching event for 2-8 year old kids
and their families

Wacky and lovable puppet, Puey, and his human friends Obediah, Noelle, and Uncle Mark, sing and play their original songs in this hilarious theatrical show for 2-8 year-old children and their families. 

Kids will be introduced to various styles of music. Puey and children will also learn the life lesson: “Perhaps you can’t do it yet, but with patience and effort, you will eventually succeed."

Live show length: 50 minutes.

Live Shows in Ventura County

Sat. June 29th - 10:30 AM show

Lindero Canyon Middle School auditorium

5844 Larboard Ln., Agoura Hills

$12 per person - purchased in advance
($15 ea. cash if purchased at the door)

“I’m Gonna Try My Best” 
(Pop & Classical)

“Say Hello” 


“If I Make You Smile” 

“Ooo Mud” 

“Down in the Ole Bayou” 

“Making Our Garden Grow” 


“Barnyard Twist” 
(Old Rock ‘n’ Roll)


“Turn It Off” 
(Hawaiian & Rock)

Original Songs Featured in the Live Show/Concert

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