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Water Education School Assemblies

Since 2003, Shows That Teach (Building Block Entertainment) has presented engaging and entertaining large assembly shows at elementary schools in California. These K-6 appropriate water science and conservation programs may be sponsored by local water agencies to make them available for free to schools in their service area.

Our Clients

Some of our water agency clients include the San Diego County Water Authority, The Municipal Water Districts of Orange County, The City of Oxnard, The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, and The Santa Barbara County Water Agency.

Services and Prices

Our services include contacting school principals using our database, scheduling interested schools, performing an energetic and memorable show, and following up with teacher surveys. This is a completely turnkey service that requires no extra work from the sponsoring city-county staff.

Our company is based in the Los Angeles area. Our performers are available to travel to any location in California. We will block-book schools in central and northern California to make it affordable and practical for municipalities. Prices vary depending on location. City or county staff may contact us for a price quote.

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