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Our Staff

Mark Beckwith retired from his cross-country touring life as a professional adult traveling entertainer in the 1980s and began writing songs and shows for children in 1988. Since then, Mark has performed at thousands of schools. In 1992 Mark founded the production company, Building Block Entertainment (which was incorporated in 2004). He wrote and produced songs and shows for children, winning awards, and published his educational tunes worldwide for products such as Knowledge Adventure’s Jump Start series

Mark Beckwith is an elementary school assembly presenter

Obediah Thomas plays the comic role in the Razzle Bam Boom duo team. Obediah has a BA degree from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. He received his professional start as a professional stand-up comedian in Chicago. After relocating in Los Angeles in the late 90s, Obediah discovered he had a knack for entertaining children. Obediah has also performed at thousands of schools in California, Nevada, and Arizona since 1999. Along with Mark, Obediah is a co-producer of the Start With Heart Videos series, which assists teachers with the character and behavior of there students.

Obediah Thomas is an elementary school assembly presenter

Michael “Tuba” Heatherton toured with the Ringling Brothers Circus, trained with the Groundlings Improv, and has appeared on episodes of NBC’s The Office, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live and countless stage productions. He is currently the vice president of the Village Charter Academy school board in Valley Village, Calif. He has been a Shows That Teach performer since 2003. Tuba has performed thousands of school assembly shows.

Tuba Heatherton is an elementary school assembly presenter

Noelle Reicherts is the newest performer with Shows That Teach. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cal State Fullerton. Not only is Noelle a fabulous singer and actor, but she also holds a teacher credential.

Noelle is an elementary school assembly presenter

Heidi Anctil is our wonderful Office Manager. She has been with Shows That Teach (Building Block Entertainment Inc.) since 2012. Heidi liaises with each school contact to schedule shows and handle any necessary paperwork required by the school district. She is very organized, and insures that our presenters arrive on time and at the correct location. 

Heidi Anctil is the Office Manager for Shows That Teach
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