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"The Hydro Game Show"


“The Hydro Game Show” is a live, 45-minute, in-person, elementary school assembly program about water science and conservation. The audience is separated into two teams (the left side of the room versus the right side). For the presentation, our performer sets up a very large rear-projected screen, that we provide, that imparts important water science information, images, videos, and of course the questions and answers for the game.

The students have a blast trying to select the right answer and score points for their team.  Students also get involved in other interactive activities that do not involve the screen. We offer two versions of the show for grades K-2 and 3-6 in the show. This program is presented by veteran performer, Obediah Thomas.

Topics Addressed:

  • The value of water

  • The journey of water

  • The water cycle

  • The states of water

  • Why we should conserve water

  • How to be water-wise


Schedule an Assembly:

Schedule An Assembly:

Ms. Sanchez, 1st grade teacher
Allison Elem., Pomona

"The presenter did a great job managing four grades! She taught and entertained at the same time. She kept the students especially engaged with the game show."

Jennifer Johnson, 5th grade teacher
Laurel Elem., Oceanside

"Great information and students were quite engaged. Afterwards, many of my students told me how much they enjoyed the assembly."

Schedule An Assembly:

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Mark and Obediah are elementary school assembly presenters.

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