“Singin’ Green”

Singin' GreenThis exciting school assembly uses song, humor, puppetry, and plenty of audience participation to teach K-6 students how everyday products are made from our valuable natural resources. Seasoned actor, musician, and performer Mark Beckwith motivates students to be more environmentally responsible by demonstrating the reasons why it is wise to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


Additional science curriculum connections:
• Students will learn about the value of natural resources.
• Students will learn about landfills and their purpose.
• Students will learn that decomposers recycle some kinds of garbage.


“One of the best interactive shows I’ve ever seen.”
~Jeff Ramirez, 2nd grade teacher, San Jose Elementary, Pomona, Calif.


“I was pleased to see that this was not just another superficial presentation about recycling. I was glad that you touched upon composting, mentioned things that are made from recycled materials, and emphasized the importance of bringing a bag instead of using plastic grocery store bags.”
~Kathy Burson, 1st grade teacher, Soleado Elementary School, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.


“We absolutely loved your Singing Green assembly! Even though the 7th and 8th graders think they’re ‘too cool’, they told me that they really enjoyed it and thought you were funny.”
~Mrs. Georgiana Curcio, Principal, St. Anthony School, El Segundo, Calif.


letter of recommendation from the L.A. County Sanitation Districts


“The performance by Mr. Beckwith was not only highly entertaining, but he was able to reach to the core of our academic standards in science.”
~Erwin Helmich, Principal, Nelson Elementary, La Puente, Calif.


Teacher’s Guide

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