Mark Beckwith

Mark BeckwithMark Beckwith is an internationally published children’s singer-songwriter and guitarist. In 1989, subsequent to working as a touring musician in U.S. and Canada, Mark settled in Los Angeles to raise a family and began writing and performing for children. He accumulated credits such as the hit kid-songs “The Oooo Mud Song” on Knowledge Adventure’s (Vivendi-Universal) award winning, interactive-educational Jump-Start series. Mark appeared on Nickelodeon and the Family Channel, and won awards from Billboard magazine, the Family Channel, and USA Today. In 1999 Mark co-founded the popular duo Razzle Bam Boom. In 2005 Mark started the company Shows That Teach.

Mark Beckwith performs the following shows:

H2O, Where Did You Go?

Singin’ Green

All That Trash

The Wright Brothers Musical

Musical Kindergarten Show

200 Years of American Music

The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Say YES to Success!

Family Fun Night Show

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